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Eco Fantasy Tour CD

The creative writers,producers and musicians......

Kris Wilson

Kris has 30 years experience in the music field from folk festivals to performing in high production live shows. She has also produced 5 recording projects and has been a songwriter for 32 years. One of her recordings, “Children of the Ozarks Sing for the Environment” led to “The Get Well Play” that she co-wrote. The play, sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, performed to elementary schools and conservation departments across SW Missouri. He mother, Dorothy, was a songwriter and elementary music school teacher for 40 years so it seems appropriate for Kris to work with children and carry on her Mother’s passion. She recently revised “The Get Well” play and wrote “Eco Fantasy Tour”. From her experience on stage she can visualize the play and from her experience in the studio she knows what she wants on the recording. She wrote several of the songs on the recording, “Eco Fantasy Tour”. She also has a way of bringing together just the right people for the project

Heal the Earth full

Ralph Lowe

Ralph moved to the Ozarks from St. Louis in the early 1980's . The same time as Kris Wilson except Kris came from Sterling, IL. In 1984 Ralph's wife at the time was having their daughter and sharing the same hospital room with Kris who was there having her daughter. The hospital even got their baby photos mixed up and sent each of them the wrong picture of their daughters ! Their musical paths have crossed throughout the years ever since.

From the age of 10, Ralph started playing guitar while listening to his brother and Uncle play as "back porch pickers". The years that followed had him playing with Roy Clark and Jim Stafford to name a few. Influenced by Jackson Browne, John Denver, Leon Rhodes, Dickey Betts and Steve Morris, Ralph Lowe has formed a beautiful style of his own. Which is obvious in the many recordings he's played on and produced. Not surprising he's a big part of this project! 

Walts of The Frogs Master

Michael Nelson Rizzo

Michael Nelson Rizzo has been a music producer and composer at the tender age of 17, when he was asked to write and produce the theme song package for The 700 Club ’85-’95

Since then he has gone on to arrange, produce, compose and mix music for album, artists, songwriters, publishers, films and advertisers like Disney, Wal-Mart, Ford, Imax, Mattel, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Sprint and many others.

In 2004 and 2005 he kept busy providing spot and trailer music for network TV shows like the West Wing, the Apprentice, American Idle, Third Watch, ER, Law & Order and many more.

Michael Nelson Rizzo from Epic Soul Music has signed on to be a musical consultant and provide some musical selections. 

Michael J Nelson (Eco fantasy tour)

Thomas Shinness

Tom Shinness makes his living as a composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter with six CD's of original instrumental to his credit. Tom uses a variety of common and not so common acoustic instruments and combines the sounds to achieve fresh new sonic textures. One of these instruments is a Gibson harp-guitar that was built in 1913. It has 16 strings and looks like a cross between a harp and a guitar. Tom is an in demand studio cellist, and also plays bass, mandolin, ukulele, zither, piano, percussion, and many other instruments, sometimes using unusual playing techniques such as playing the cello like a guitar or playing two instruments at once.

In a live setting, Tom has over two hours worth of vocal tunes from the 60's and 70's, sometimes giving them fresh new arrangements. Tom has well over an hours worth of original vocal tunes. Tom also has over three hours worth of original instrumental music, for the live setting.

One of Tom's specialties is performing music for classical guitar. Stylistically, Tom currently focuses on pop, smooth jazz, classical and new acoustic music. At times he delves into music from the 20's and 30's, americana, baroque, celtic, R&B, funk, fusion, rock and blues.

Some of Tom's music is being used in massage therapy studios around the world. His music has also been used on NPR and NPT and nationally televised commercials.

Tom has performed live for over 40 years in concert halls, house concerts, festivals, fairs, restaurants/bars, corporate events, art openings, weddings, schools and churches.

Tom is sometimes joined by his beautiful and immensely talented daughter Jasmine, who is also a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Fairy Dance

Tom Shinness (Eco Fantasy Tour)

Michael Supe Granda

Michael wrote and recorded Vincent Van Yuk for the Eco Fantasy Tour CD. I am so blessed to call him my friend. He is like the coolest dude I know!

A multi-instrumentalist, Supe and rock and roll entered adolescence at the same time-Supe describes himself as a 'sponge' in exploring the varied sounds of famed Gaslight Square in St. Louis-and out of the exposure to the vibrant music culture came a mind and soul dedicated to a wide variety of sounds and styles.

At the end of the 1960s, Supe aimed his car and his life in a southwesterly direction from his St. Louis home, and a couple hundred miles on I-44 later arrived in Springfield, Missouri, his home for the next twenty years. There he found a common vibe among a coterie of musicians who in 1971 formed the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. The group's self-titled debut on A&M Records was produced by Glyn Johns (The Who, Rolling Stones) and spawned a Top 30 hit in "If You Want to Get to Heaven." The Daredevils were conspicuously eclectic, the group bursting at the seams with invention: five of the members sang lead and contributed songs, Supe among them. The Dares were rootsy and adventurous, capable of digging into the naked heart of a lyric about spiritual renewal as they were in surreally getting lowdown on "Chicken Train."

The clucking and squawking you hear on "Chicken Train," the second most requested song in the Daredevils' catalog, have come out of Supe's mouth on record and in concert to the delight of fans ever since.

The Daredevils recorded their follow up, It'll Shine When It Shines, on a farm outside Springfield, with Johns again at the helm. The results were luminous, as nature's music literally blended with the singers and players of instruments. The album produced a #1 song in "Jackie Blue," still a staple of classic rock radio. The albums came annually in succession, the Dares exploring country-rock bohemia with a grace and verve that still attract fans new and old.

By the mid-1980s, Supe had regular solo work on the burners and cooking: The Dog People, represented on two albums (The Dog People and Profit Man: A Rock Opera), and Supe & the Sandwiches. The Sandwiches performed more widely and released Greatest Hits Volume III in 1988 and Meat the Sandwiches two years later.

Meanwhile, Supe has maintained a lasting spot and an ever-changing wardrobe in The Garbonzos, a merry-making troupe that performs psychedelic polkas at venues ranging from nightclubs to parades to riverbanks. In 1998 The Garbonzos at last burned onto compact disc the grooves that have been put to service for countless shows, including a supporting role for Tiny Tim, when they issued Eat Our Beans (Missouri Mule). "Producing the disc was a labor of love of the absurd," explains Supe.

Supe's latest solo outfit is Supe & the Sheetrockers, who debuted in Nashville on April 1, 1998.

"The Sheetrockers were assembled to play this avalanche of raucous songs I can't seem to stop writing," says Supe. "With their 'drywall of sound,' I can cop a groove big enough for everyone to climb into."

Vincent Van Yuk

Supe Granda (Eco Fantasy Tour)

Eco Fantasy Tour.....the CD!

MUSIC SELECTIONS for Eco Fantasy Tour


              By Michael Nelson Rizzo

              Vocal: Kris Wilson

2.             Bluegrass Intrumental

              Produced by Ralph Lowe

3.            " MY BEAUTIFUL HILLSIDE "

             Written by: Kris Wilson

             Arranged and Produced by: Michael Nelson Rizzo

4.             " O is for Ozark "

             Written by Kris Wilson/Norma Judah

             Vocal: Norma Judah

             Produced by Ralph Lowe

5.            " HILLICONIA "

             Written by: Kris Wilson

             Arranged and Produced by: Michael Nelson Rizzo

             Vocal: Amanda Klein

6.           " IRISH FAIRY DANCE " and Tinker/Tapper/Toot’s signature tune/George’s fiddle

             Written and recorded by Thomas Shinness

7.            " HABITAT " (LATIN, AFRICAN & OCEAN)

             written by: Kris Wilson

8.            " VINCENT VAN YUK "

             Written by: Michael “Supe” Granda

             Vocal and Recorded by: Michael “Supe” Granda

9.             GRANDPA WEAVER’S FARM

             Written by: Kris Wilson

             Produced by Ralph Lowe

             Vocal by: Keith Allen

10.          " GAIA " w/ Two Bears

             written by: Kris Wilson

             produced by Michael Nelson Rizzo (Two Bears contribution)

11..       " THE RECYCLE HUSTLE "

            Written by: Kris Wilson

            Vocal: Norma Judah


             Written by Kris Wilson